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About Me

      When I started using electronic cigarettes I bought a expensive cheaply made njoy. A rn4081 I later learned it was called. IT WAS TERRIBLE.  But it got me to look for a better alternative. Next thing I knew I got swept up in vaping. Buying new kits and flavors left and right, reading forums and reviews and shopping for deals. From big names to people selling liquids on the forums I tried it all. After getting burnt on a few bad buys I started writing reviews to let others know of great products and places and products to beware of. But as I ran through all the ecigs and got into bigger ego batteries,  then bigger cartomizers, bigger atomizers, ce2s, tanks, variable voltage, and the slew of devices that followed. I had to have it all, and I had to write about it. 
      Before I realized it I had taken some thing as simple as a cigarette and complicated it to the point I didnt know what to grab in the morning. Which tank, which battery, which flavor? I threw out over 280 bottles of e liquid. I went back to smoking. Last year I bought a simple but effective e cig kit. Two batteries and a charging case, one flavor I liked and stuck with it. With all the advances in electronic cigarettes it was a basic e cig kit that worked for me. I wondered how many people bought a cheap electronic cigarette at a gas station and threw in away in frustration, or got online and started doing research only to get bad information or get over whelmed with all the different products out there. I have since got back into the larger more complicated setups, from egos, clearos, and bottom coils, to rebuildables, mechanicals, variable voltage.
     Finding some thing that works for you is the hardest part of switching to E Cigs, so my aim is to try to help people find their perfect setup. I always attempt to tell people the facts about the hardware and keep my opinions to a minimum. The same is true for flavors as taste is subjective. I try to describe things as they are so you can make your own decisions about weather or not its for you. If you have any questions about any thing I review or any thing E Cig related please dont hesitate to email or facebook me for answers. And as always thanks for reading

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