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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ZampleBox Review and Q and A with Tony

I haven't had time to do a review for a while, so when I finally started looking for new e juices there was a lot out there. Usually I check my social media feeds to see what people are raving over. This time I kept seeing a green box popping up everywhere, Zamplebox. I’m sure a lot of people have had a juice of the month club idea, but Zamplebox makes it a reality. So let’s take a look at the basics

First got to www.zamplebox.com and click on the Request Invitation link. Shortly thereafter you will receive an email with an invitation code and a link back to the site. Enter the information and select your plan.
Choose between Gold or Standard,
Gold is 10 bottles of 10ml for 44.99 a month.
Standard is 24.99 for 5 bottles of 10 ml
Nicotine Strength Currently 6mg or 18.
Shipping 4.99 Standard and 8.99 Gold

So I placed my order on the 14th, it shipped on the 15th and I had it by the 18th. From CA to WV that is pretty fast. I actually let it sit in the mail box for a while since I wasn't expecting it that quick. I got the trademark green box, opened it to find some green tissue paper with 6 bottles in a green felt bag and an advertisement with discount codes for each juice company in the bag.

 ZampleBox has more than a few big name vendors in its current lineup and is currently still adding more.
  • Johnson Creek
  • Rocket Fuel Vapes
  • Thunderhead Vapor
  • Potion Vape
  • Alpha Vape Juice
  • G2 Vapor
  • Clever Vape
  • 503 E-Liquid
  • Golden Drops
  • Awdiv
  • Nicquid

This program has its pros and cons just like any product/service.
It’s a grab bag. You can select 6mg or 18mg nic, but that’s all the selection you really get. There is no choice of flavors as of now, or ever flavor profiles such as; tobacco, dessert, fruity. You get what you get. Con for most, but pro for some. For me I have been vaping for 5 years as of March. I have tried every basic single flavor I can think of. I have tried most popular flavors and the similar renditions that come out due to popularity. From Pluid-ish liquids, Dragon tear, milk, fire, breathe liquids, Papa Grandpa Cousin Smurf and everyone's version of vanilla custard. Every once and a while I hear enough buzz about a liquid that I try it, but finding something truly unique getting harder and harder. Several of the flavors I tried were a new twist for me. It’s nice to try something new with no really expectations on what it’s going to taste like. Worst case scenario there is a Zample Trader group on facebook; Pay it forward threads in many forums, and your vape friends. Share the love.

For some buying a grab bag of e liquid for 30$ a month is cutting into their regular vape budget. For 24.99 + shipping I got one bottle from Clever Vape, at 8.99 The Standard Vape at 7.33, LICK Brand Vapors at 10.00, 503 E Liquid at 12.50, and Alpha
Vape at 12.00. Plus an extra bottle this month from Thunderhead Vapor at 6.49. 
That is 60.31 in e juice for 24.99 (prices are approximated based on size) 
It is a great price but again, everyone has their own budget to live with. If you can swing it, it’s worth it.

I will have reviews of the E Liquids I received later, but for now I was very pleased with everything. Some liquids were better quality than others but they were all of the quality I would order again. Only one flavor taste like a simple two flavoring mix, the rest were unique well-crafted flavors. Every bottle has a distinctive quality of its own to differentiate it from other similar flavors

I was really happy with my first month, and while writing this I had a few questions. So I shot an email to Tony at Zample Box and he was kind enough to answer them for me

Thank you for being a part of ZampleBox! Happy to answer some questions for you:

Q: So why is Zamplebox invitation only?

A: Yes, we are invitation only right now so that we can handle the demand. It's important we always be able to offer the best price for the best quality. To do this we need to make sure we accommodate everyone we give access to. 

Q: I received 6 bottles instead of the regular 5, is that normal?

A: We sometimes include extras like a 6th bottle or a drip tip :). It's more fun. We like having fun :).

Q: How did the company take shape? Was it hard negotiating with vendors to secure their participation?
A: I, Tony, started ZampleBox because I found it to be overwhelming how many juice companies there were. It was so hard to figure out which juices were worth trying. I also found it to be too expensive to purchase samples from each company. There needed to be a service which curates the juices and provides them in a fun and cost-effective way each month... so I built ZampleBox.
It was not too hard to negotiate with vendors. They saw the value and trusted me to help them grow their business. Prior to ZampleBox I have built several businesses and have consulted with companies like Microsoft, Porch.com and more.

Q: Now that the word has started to spread and you’re over 5000 likes on facebook are vendors beating down the door to the point you have to pick and choose who to carry. Or who isn’t up to your standards. Are you targeting the companies you want to carry?

A: What is not known is how many juice vendors we turn down. We actually reject about 90% of the vendors that try to get inside the box. We also just got a new space and are moving soon :). Expect to see 2014 be the year that the ZampleBox Community becomes very important to vaping as a lifestyle and as a way to "vet" the juices that are on the market.
Also, this isn't known, but we just brought on a Chief Operating Officer that has led $1bn+ companies. 

Q: So what can get you in or keep you out of the box as a supplier?

A: "We look for the following when evaluating a juice:
- Flavor, smoothness, throat hit, vapor production
- Packaging. Proper labeling, shrink wrap seal, quality of packaging, dripper top, etc.
- Vendor facility (clean room, lab, etc.)

We're going to make vaping more accessible and fun for everyone!"

Overall. Great value, great e liquids, easy setup. It’s really pretty basic. As a reviewer I love having new stuff just shipped to my house, as a longtime vaper (4 years) it’s a great way to try new high quality flavors without having to spend an arm and a leg or do anything other than open my mail box. Seriously, it’s that easy.
Start here 


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