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How It Works

How It Works


No Fire, No Flame The innovative vapor releasing design is completely fire and ash-free. Through a simple battery-powered mechanism, a water-based solution containing natural flavoring and nicotine gets heated to produce the vapor seen when a user exhales. No fire means no burning and no smoke. Electronic cigarettes allow its users to simulate the cigarette smoking experience, free of the numerous harmful, and potentially lethal chemicals known to be found in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. Now, you can throw out your lighters and stop pocketing matchbooks.

Batteries, not butts

 Batteries are cylindrical batteries that can be recharged. These batteries heat the liquid solution contained in Carts, transforming the solution into water vapor. Through a pressure-sensitive mechanism, the Batt becomes activated only when the user puffs on the Cart. The activation of the Batt can be seen by the illumination of an LED light on the Batt tip.

The completely non-toxic Batts can be reused by recharging them with a number of different chargers, including our USB charger, wall adapter, and portable charger. The Batt’s ability to recharge means you can save your money in the long haul, and the environment too (no more butts). Last but certainly not least, you can customize your battery by choosing from different colors and different colored LED tips.


The Carts are the single-serving, replaceable and recyclable component of the two-piece mechanism. Each Cart contains a liquid solution that produces vapor upon exhalation and lasts for approximately the same amount of time as a pack of 20 cigarettes, depending on the user.

While cigarettes contain over 4,000 different chemical compounds which are released when lit, a cartomizer contains only 4 elements: water, flavoring, the organic compound - propylene glycol (see FAQ’s), and nicotine.

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