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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bloog SPI Review

Bloogs SPI is one of few custom eliquids they carry. Bloog describes it as "SPI, our newest flavor, was originally named by Bloog’s loyal supporters on the ECF as “Sorry Please Ignore” in honor of the thread of the same name that grew to tremendous popularity. So when our newest flavor was being created, we used SPI as the moniker! But, after trying the sweet, old style pipe tobacco taste of SPI with the aromatic almond accents, we feel SPI would be more aptly named as So Perfectly Intoxicating! A truly must experience taste & aroma! Let us know if you agree." Well see if I agree, Im using the 36mg e-liquid in a fresh cartomizer and a fully charged 808 short battery. Here we go

Flavor/First hit, Sweet, but bold tobacco. Its really hard to pick out differnet flavors in this liquid, everything flows so well its a uniformed taste. I get the almond, through out the inhale, but not the nutty after taste just the slightly sweet hint of almond. The tobacco taste like a sweet aged pipe tobacco. It hits the tip of the tongue sweet then hits the back of the throat with a strong aged fine tobacco, and leaves that sweet taste lingering on the roof of your mouth. I can say enough about how bold the tobacco is to this liquid, but the almond and the sweetness rounds it out like a fine aged bourbon. The exhale is mellow, smokey, but still slightly sweet. I cant help but french inhaling this a few times just to enjoy the smoke like feel of this liquid

Throat hit on this is smooth even at 36mg, (but I am getting a head rush BAD) You feel the hit in the back of your throat but the finest aged cigar couldn't touch the mellow feel I get on the exhale.

As usual with bloog liquids, the vapor is full on the exhale but isn't going to put out obnoxious clouds

The aroma hangs in your nose for a second, I really think Im going to break out some fine bourbon to go with this

Overall this is a bold sweet aged tobacco with an almond hint laced through the body of the vapor. Really pairs well with a couple drinks or just as a real tobacco replacement. If I didnt know it I would swear this juice was aged for months in a dark, cool place.Its just that good. Thanks for reading, and for 10% off of this and everything at Bloog, use code VAPOCHASER10

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