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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bean Me Up by Clevervape, Review

 Another bottle of goodness from the Zamplebox, Clevervape Bean Me Up. Clevervape describes it as "This java creation will surely get your day started right. Bold espresso beans blended with undertones of Tahitian vanilla and warm snickerdoodle cookies will have you wishing you were back at Grandma's house." Ive recently started reviewing eliquids on a RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) with cotton wick. I feel its the best way to get the most out of a flavor. This bottle is 18mg which is a bit high but lets give it a try.

Flavor, First Hit. Caffe Americano, a good espresso taste not as strong and over powering as straight up espresso. Its got a sweetness through out the vape that really lingers and is almost as strong as the espresso taste. The vanilla is a light background accent, the cinnamon and caramel werent noticeable to me until I started taking slow inhales and exhales looking for it. The snicker-doodle seems to blend in to the light creaminess of the vanilla. The espresso is definitely the body of this vape and the inhale, but unlike a lot of espressos there is no sour note at the end. The vanilla and full sweetness really come out on the exhale with hints of cinnamon and caramel that disappear after a few puffs.
Its a strong coffee/espresso taste with a lot of sweetness and a light creamy vanilla.

Throat hit. Pretty mild, but only because of the strong flavor. The espresso is such a strong flavor it give you more of a hit in that taste buds that the throat

Aroma. Wonderful coffee house scent that really makes a vape more like a hot cup of Java

Overall. Im always impressed with an espresso that doesn't taste sour or burnt. It is a hard flavor to work with but the results when done well are great. Check out Clevervape.com and and another good vape from  ZampleBox. Thank you for reading.


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