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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

E solid, Gel/Solid E liquid. Its coming again

E-Solid an e liquid / e juice, paste / gel / solid

Im taking this moment away from reviews for a interesting piece of news. E-Solid, a new paste form of e liquids or e juice. Im searching all over the internet for more info but there isnt really a lot out there yet. The main company involved seems to be Feel Life. (hint hint US vendors) Alibaba has info on purchasing in bulk (Again HINT)
Not a wealth of information on this site
"e-solid can be suck in e-cigs
more puffs than e-liquid
Lilac, Banana, Camel, Black Tea,Almond,
Coffee, Ginseng, Cherry, Cream, Spearmint, Green Tea etc."
The description is a little better here,
E-solid is new reserched products,it has many advantages compared to E-liquid. Easy to carry and transport, easy package, easy to use and long time working. Product rights and patent belong to Feellife Bioscience international.Co.,Ltd


More convenient to use
More heavy smoke
Use for long time, better chemical stability
Easy to carry and transport

Squeeze the E-solid into cartomizer properly.
Unfit person: Under the age of 18 years old, pregnant and non-smoker.

Seal tightly in normal temperature(-20℃-38℃)keep away from light.
Quality warranty:12 months

Keep out of reach of children. Forbid to swallow. Stop using if feel uncomfortable.
Wash immediately if contact with eyes and seek medical attention."

The concept seems pretty simple, the paste or what I think looks like a gel is supposed to go directly on the atomizer but not cover it. I imagine that his has got to cause wicking issues. Im not sure if it liquefies as its heated or if it would require dropping as opposed to driping you would be dropping every so often to keep the vape going. The pictures above show the paste in a bottle turned upside down and the paste isnt running so I would think that cartomiser wouldnt work, nor tanks or various ce2 or juice feed systems. Im looking into getting a tube, I might even have to do a video of this one if I can get my hands on some. Stay tuned...

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