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Monday, February 18, 2013

O2Vapor Starter kit and E-Liquid Review

O2Vapor is a company that recently came across my radar as another great 808 style kit. When I saw their prices I was skeptical about their quality. Usually lower prices can mean lower quality. But as I dug through the forums, none of their customers had a single bad thing to say about them. Hmmm? So now there is a O2Vapor starter kit and box full of flavors call my name.Im going to slide this kit in to my regular rotation with my other batteries and carts to get a side by side comparison for a week.

Presentation: I feel like such a little kid but the glass box (clear plastic) with magnetic lid is just cool. Under the lid was my kit, usb charger, wall adapter, 2 black auto batteries with green LED tips, and a pack of 5 cartomizers. O2 offers 180mah 65mm batteries, and 280 mah 78mm batteries. Auto and manual are available in both, and they are sealed to prevent liquid leaking into the battery. Color choice...the classic black battery is it. Keep it simple. I do like the small logo, I hate large obnoxious logos. The cartos have the same small print font across the bottom. The rubberized feel has been abused for a week in my truck, my pocket and my laptop bag. The finish is still thick and soft to the grip

Batteries: I usually rotate 2 short auto batteries, so I put my O2Vapor shorty in the rotation. Usually I get 2 hours of vaping out of one battery. It also usually takes the same amount of time to charge one battery. After 1 week + these batteries perform just like 220mah batteries. There have been long drawn out controversies over inflated mah claims. All I can say is side by side day in and day out my bloog and volt batteries are the best on the market, and these O2Vapor batteries fell right in line with them. I charge one battery while the other charges, never did any of my of them go dead before the next one was charged. Yes I realize I  there is a difference of 40mah but the proof is in the vapor so to speak. The next big factor the can make or break a battery, constant voltage, or how well the battery preforms when the battery is almost dead. A lot of knock off batteries will drop voltage long before the battery actually dies, giving you a weak vapor, and making you wish it would just die already. The biggest thing that made me buy a Volt kit was seeing proof that they didnt drop off as the battery died. O2Vapor batteries truly deliver, maybe twice in 10 days did I have to look at the end of the battery to see if it was dead.
Over all the batteries preform as well as any I have tried, but these are 9$ a piece. Well see how the do after a few months

Cartomizers   Side by side Bloog and O2Vapor cartomizers tore down. Only differences are minor. The O2 has a slightly smaller slit in the inner tube, encouraging more collection of liquid at the bottom of the cart. Also the inner layer of filler is a little thicker consistency to wick liquid from the outter filler to the center tube. Upon observation this seems to work a lot better with their pure VG line

I have several different flavors I will be reviewing this week, But for now a general review of the cartomizers. If your not familiar with Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a thick, sweet liquid. VG produces thick clouds of vapor. VG also gives you a sweeter taste. Propylene Glycol (PG) is a much thinner tasteless liquid.  PG produces more of a “throat hit” than VG does.  PG also has a higher rate of sensitivity for some people, meaning that some people just can’t use PG in their vape.
O2 uses only VG in their flavors, from fruits to sweets everything taste fuller, "juicier" thicker, and sweeter. As I said before, O2 uses all vg juices. VG is a little notorious for clogging up atomizers and wicking a lot slower as it is a lot thicker therefore your wick dries faster leading to burnt wicks. I have gone through 5 prefilled packs, as just a little background I chain vape. Ill take 7-8 hits in a row before I let the cartomizer "rewick" so VG has been troublesome for me in the past. But so far no burnt cartomizers. I couldn't understand this until I tore open the cartomizer. The VG is pulled and funneled very well in these cartomizers. Overall these are great performing cartos, The ability to use VG in their flavors really sets them apart. Their flavors are thicker, more flavorful, and just taste better. Ive been using 18mg nicotine for a week, and though I did vape a little heavier then my normal 24mg I couldnt tell if it was because the flavors taste amazing or if I was compensating for the lower nicotine. But either way the thickness of the vapor really compensated for the lessened throat hit. It felt like the vapor was fuller in the back of your throat and lasted longer, so it hit softer, but it hit longer. Make any sense? I hope so.As always thanks for reading, and check out O2Vapor.com


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