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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

E-Solid Review the eliuid gel

I finally got my tube of E-Solid. I paid a ridiculous shipping rate, and it took forever, but its here. For those of you who aren't familiar, this is a nicotine gel as opposed to a liquid. It is designed to be filled into the bottom of an atomizer and used just like regular liquid. For more background info, please seem my earlier post here 

I regret to tell you upfront that this is the most excruciating review I have ever written. I had very high hopes for this product, but hadnt really though about the implications of how a product like this would effect the industry. The pros and cons of E-Sollid will either bring about change or be swept  under the rug with a host of other bad products from China. With that said, lets check out what exactly e solid is all about

 I received this from a UK vendor. I have no experience with this vendor prior to this so I will not pass any judgment on them. They sell the tubes in only tobacco flavor, and only in 24 or 26 mg, this one is 24. They sell it with an atomizer that they say is best suited for this gel E-Solid. The atomiser has a very low bridge, and shouldnt have too much of a problem with the gel.
 Its pretty nasty looking but I think that may just be because of the color
Also it is a bit chunky, so well see how that effects it as well. They arrived in an old eGo atomizer box with not notice and no instructions. All I had to go on was their poorly translated website. "
1.Install the concave type atomizer to the battery.
2.Open the tube cap then squeeze the e-solid(like using toothpaste)into atomizer properly(recommend 0.1g, just one soybean) to the bottom of atomizer

3.Then,fasten down the empty cartridge and smoking. Because the procedure for e-solid—liquid—vapor need some time, so try to not smoke sharply first, please wait for 2-3 seconds.
A.The atomizer should be concave type, the battery capacity is bigger than liquid e-cigs Suitable type is:510, EGO,TGO etc manual type.
B.E-solid should reach to atomizer bottom, but do not cover the whole atomizer, especially avoid the centre of nickel heater. It should be proper quantity."

It sounded easy enough so  I gave it a try. 
 I left one side uncovered as I had read in the one other review I could find. Now Im going to try and give it a puff. Nothing. Burnt atomizer. I took a toothpick and poked some of the gel down into the atomizer.
I was getting a little bit of the flavor, Its the same nasty tobacco I remember starting out with years ago before I knew that all e liquid didnt taste like crap, and with a flavor that already taste terrible its hard to tell when your hitting dry atty. Im having a nightmare of a time keeping the wick wet. Im thinking the chunkiness is accounting for the fact that once it gets hot its a nice liquid. Every so often I get to a chunk and it goes dry on me till I puff really hard into the mouth piece till it fills the gap again. Finally i filled it full and cut off the air flow, and pulled on it till it pulled some through and started wicking. I have been puffing on this for quite a while and its showing now signs of wear, as in the gel packed inside looks almost as full as when  I filled it about 4 hours ago.

The other review I read, he didnt once mention a wicking problem, but he did mention multiple times that it turned to liquid if left out of a refrigerator. I have had this for four days now (this review was written over time) and its still as solid as it was when I got it, maybe they changed up the formula between the trade show and the release. The gel now four days old is still hold up in the atomizer but terrible wicking. Then I got an idea, needle fill a cartomiser
I filled this down the center tube of a cartomiser, it burnt a lot better. Since it only took a little bit to make hours of vapor, this was a much easier idea or so I though. It plugged the air way and made a mess terribly. Once i got the air way clear and jammed some down the sides of the filler it started to get warm and spread out. It wicked pretty well from there on out. I still haven't ran it dry.

Finally it came to me. Bottom feeder. I hadn't played with my only box mod for ages. But the needle was 20 gauge and just fat enough to squirt the gel into the atomizer. Since one little squirt last forever it was a really great way to get the gel to wick. Now I get a little less flavor it seems but its not burning. the flavor is really weak though. I think it may be again due to the fact that its a gel and its not releasing as much flavor as it burns, that or they havent put much flavor in it because that would cause it to liquefy faster. I think the best way is to paraphrase all of this testing is pros and cons

-Huge potential this could be a huge game changer considering its a cheap as most liquids
-It lasts for ever, like I said the amount you see in the pic, is still half there after hours of puffing.
-Easy to carry in the pocket
-Easy to fill, I found needle filling the atty from the bottom worked well too
-Vapor production was as good as most high pg liquids


-No one is sure what is in it exactly yet. Probably not the healthiest idea thing I have ever tried
-Needs a proven delivery system for extended use, though all use with it seems to be extended.
-Flavor is weak

Over all the fact that this last almost twice as long as liquids could make it the norm in the near future. This is far from perfect but its a huge step in a new direction. Im already cooking up mod ideas. If a US vendor figured out the proprietary formula and tweaked it enough to get a US patent, and  fix the flavor issues, they would be sitting on a gold mine. Im no chemist, or much of  DIYer or I would be trying this now as apposed to telling everyone else about it. I hope this answered as many questions as it created. Thanks for reading