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Monday, April 8, 2013

Its back. ESOLID, the gel/paste eliquid.

ITS BACK. About two years ago I got a hold of a tube of Esolid by Feellife from the UK. It was untested and unregulated. Now its back and reformulated and currently only at Gotvapes.com Last time I got to play with this stuff I recognized the huge potential of a solid that lasts about 5-7 times longer drop for drop that liquid. There are a few different atomizer options coming as well, in this review Ill be demonstrating the "bulb" and giving you some info on the "V-Hit" that is set to come out soon. This is still "where no man has gone before" territory so there are a lot of questions, so lets see if we can answer a few of them. 1. Is it safe? From the material data sheets I have read up on I am comfortable testing it, but I do not make any claims to its safety for others, I am simply reviewing a new product.
What is it? It is a paste form of e liquid that evaporates much slower that e liquid. That of course is because as it heats up it melts into a liquid and then into vapor. Think of it like e liquid concentrate, just like orange juice. Now the interesting thing is the reaction when the concentrated vapor gets mixed with more air, its like adding more oxygen to a fire. Ill demonstrate later in a video For now lets take a look at what weve got.
This is a pic of the glass bulb and the tube of e solid

 The paste is a lot thicker that the last version and a lot smoother. The last version seemed to have some mixing issues that worried me, It was a little chunky at times and even broke down in to pieces as it vaporized. So far nothing but smooth liquifying  and evaporation from this version
 And Im sure a lot of you are curious about the ingredients, so here you go

The bulb is similar to a CE2,3,4 ect with a short wick and coil in a ceramic cup. The buld is held on by two rubber washers and a stubby drip tip seals the top
The bottom is 510 but not actually eGo threaded but fits snugly on an eGo none the less. You can also notice the air hole the center post is the same size as the air hole in the ceramic cup. Air flow can be an issue if your not careful

Heres a shot of the wick loaded with a couple dabs of e solid, again be aware of the air hole

Now that weve got it loaded, lets give it a try. I have it on a standard eGo battery 3.7 volts. This liquid is Banana flavored and medium nic, which I believe to be 16-18.Here we go.
Flavor/First hit.This is not for "dainty" vapors. I dont care how awesome of a coil you build or how many watts your putting out on your device. This will make it feel like a cheap gas station disposable! 10 drags and Im done, my head is swimming. I was pushing through it to try and use up all the e solid I put in it but Im done. Ok after some time I came back and noticed another unique thing about esolid

It re solidified. Hmmmm. I scraped the reconstituted esolid and put it back in the coil.....not a grat idea. It has lost most of its flavor but not its KICK. It is a little weaker but without the flavor its not worth it for me. If you a hard core nic head....by all means have at it.

I poured the "excess" out and refilled the cup. I tried putting the esolid right on top of the coil but had limited success. Ive found that filling one or both sides while leaving the middle open but making sure that it is touching the wick seems to be the best method. I will also warn you that unless you plan on vaping it for a while, its better to just fill one side  as once it liquifies it will clog the air way and mix with the esolid "leftover" liquid that didnt vaporize yet. Use what you fill when you fill it , once it or again it goes to waste.When refilling you may have give it a hard pull or inhale to clear the air way if you got any of it into the airway. But as it warms up it will come loose also wait till it has cooled to refill or your just wasting it. Blow on it a few times till its cool to the touch or just let it set for a minute.  This is still much like dripping but imagine 4-5 drops lasting longer and giving you much more vapor. Like I said before its concentrated and quite potent. Lets get a little video demonstration. Notice when I click the button its starts to vaporize, but when I start to inhale the bulb fills with thick vapor
Now here is the same amount burning in open air with out air flow being forced into the mix
Ignore the background noise, this is why I write reviews. Its never quite enough to film, I would have to take 30 takes just to get the intro.
So the delivery system is a little different and does take some training and tweaking to get it vaping right but it will knock your socks off. So if esolid isnt new, then the atomizers must be? Well gotvapes is launching the V-hit. A funneled cartomizer, what little I have read it seems like an excellent way to "funnel" the esolid directly to the coil and avoid the waste of the bulb. Im looking forward to trying it too. Im not sure what flavors gotvapes will be offering but I know it comes in most all regular flavors from tobaccos to fruits, and sweets.
So to recap
HUGE flavor and even bigger HIT
Last longer than liquid
No leaks
Easier to carry smaller amounts, no more carrying a 30 ml bottle
With the buld, refilling is still required more than a cartomizer
Still no long term studies on how your lungs handle it

Look for it soon at gotvapes.com and as always thanks for reading


VaporChaser said...

Just as a follow up. I had a convo with "badkolo" on ECF about some of my personal concerns after the first version from 2 years ago wasnt very forth coming about the ingredients.

" we had it tested, we had it looked into, I spoke to feellifes engineers and chemists,
this was tested and they will let anyone do outside testing, they are proud of this formula and take responsibility that the old one sucked, but this new version is approved, everything that is in it is in small amounts and all the ingredients are used in all our food products every day. Like you mentioned we will never know the hidden details and im just saying that goes for everyting, form soda, to candies to anything on the market including ejuices made by small vendors who mix flavorings which arent tested when a new chemical is formed from blending flavors."

John Dearing said...

Did you test this system with regular eliquid? I'm curious to see what few drops directly on the coil might produce. I see the attraction of this for on the go vapping. If the delivery mechanism improves this may change the way we vape in the future. There will always be a risk factor but I firmly believe if we aren't burning it it has to less hazardous. There is a reason they instruct us to get low and crawl under the smoke to leave a burning building after all.

Gil Segarra said...

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Anonymous said...

Who has approved this? These chemicals will HARM YOU if you vape them.

Stop selling this product. Now.

Don't buy it.

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