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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hazelnut Heaven from Clever Vape :Review

I got turned on to Clever vape through a subscription service. They have some great original flavors without having to mix 5 fruits, 3 candies, and 2 beverage flavors. No blood, tear, poop, sauce, or hype, just real flavors their own unique touch. Im vaping Hazelnut Heaven, described as “
“It is 18 mg nic with the optional flavor boost. Im dripping on a 2.5 ohm bridgeless atomizer on a standard 3.7 volt battery. So here we go………

Flavor, First hit. Nutty. It is a really bold true hazelnut without the oily after taste. Hazelnut is usually associated with coffee flavors or maybe even Nutella, but this is more of an actual hazel-NUT taste. There is a slight bitterness to the hazelnut like a medium roast coffee. As the flavor settles in it gets creamier with the milk chocolate but keeps the bold nuttiness. The chocolate taste is get seems more semi sweet than milk due to the rich hazelnut. The creamy chocolate keeps it from being an overpowering flavor, without it the flavor would be more like black coffee. So while the creamy semi sweet taste is definitely an under tone it really adds a balance to this flavor. The inhale is where you get the bold nutty taste. As it starts to hit your throat the bold fades to creamy and subtle on the exhale, and finished with a smooth after taste with a slightly sweet creamy blend with the hazelnut.
Throat hit. For 18mg it is a noticeable hit, not really a hard hit but a 7 out of 10. 10 being hard enough to make you cough. Savory nutty flavors are often paired with tobaccos because of the rich taste and the added oomph to the throat hit.

Aroma. The smell always adds to the flavor or experience of vaping the flavor. This will definitely put you in a coffee house state of mind. It’s a warm comforting smell that really accents the flavor

Overall, Personally Id like it sweeter but its a savory flavor. This is what I call a gateway flavor because I would have liked it when I was a smoker. It’s not a too sweet vape, it’s got a strong smooth flavor, and it hits really smooth. You’ll never find a vape that taste just like a cigarette, so finding something that satisfies like one is really nice. All of that aside, for vapers that like a smooth, slightly bitter, slightly sweet with a rich authentic nut flavor clever vape has unique flavor all their own in Hazelnut Heaven. Thanks for reading



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